Foster Family FAQ

Q: What kind of time commitment is involved?
A. Most dogs will be in your household for six to nine months. You will need to spend structured time training with your dog for about 15 minutes a day. Your dog should be taken in public areas three times a week. In addition, you are required to meet with an ADAI trainer monthly to discuss your dog’s progress and receive instruction on our training methods.

Q: What breeds of dogs does ADAI utilize?
A. The vast majority of our dogs are Labrador and Golden Retrievers and mixes thereof between the ages of six months and two years old. Our puppy-raising program is for puppies donated to ADAI around 8 to 12 weeks of age.

Q: What responsibilities will I have as a foster home volunteer?

  • Meet with an ADAI trainer individually or in class setting on a monthly basis.
  • Socialize your dog in a variety of public places.
  • Keep a weekly/daily journal of your dog’s progress, problems, etc.
  • Train your dog daily in accordance with the ADAI techniques and philosophies as indicated in the Foster Home Curriculum.
  • Provide transportation to the vet, when the need arises.
  • Provide a safe, clean, and loving environment for your dog.
  • Provide a secure, confined area for your dog to exercise and relieve himself.

Q: How does ADAI obtain dogs for training?
A. ADAI receives dogs from breeders, animal shelters and private individuals. 

Q: How do I become an ADAI foster parent?
A. Fill out the Foster Parent Application. If you cannot print the application, call our facility and we would be happy to send you one. After we receive your completed application, one of our staff will make arrangements to visit you for a personal home interview. At this time the program will be explained to you in greater detail. The staff member will want to know where the dog will sleep, go outside, and be exercised. We will also want to make sure all members of your household are supportive of this project. If the foster home arrangements are agreeable to all concerned, you will receive your Foster Home Curriculum and arrangements will be made for you to receive a dog.

Q: What financial responsibility will I have?
A. You will be responsible for small miscellaneous expenses like toys, treats, grooming supplies, etc. Your dog’s veterinary needs will be taken care of before you receive the dog. ADAI will assume responsibility for any vet bills during the foster period, but you will need to arrange the appointment with one of our program veterinarians at West Toledo Animal Hospital or Perrysburg Animal Care.

Q: Will my dog be spayed/neutered?
A. Yes!

Q: How much training will my dog have before I receive it?
A. Each dog has been through a 2-to-4 week evaluation at our Education and Training Center. During this time, general suitability for our program will be determined. Our staff will spend some time evaluating the trainability of each dog by introducing it to some basic obedience commands. During his foster home training he will learn basic obedience, house manners, experience public situation exposure and socialization. Some volunteers also teach their trainees some of the advanced service dog functions under the supervision of an ADAI staff trainer. After the Foster Home Curriculum has been successfully completed, the dog returns to ADAI’s Training Center to complete its training.