"k9"90: A Charitable Organization

The Ability Center files a form “990” with the IRS, giving us a 501(c)(03) status – otherwise known as a public charity. This means that ADAI is a nonprofit organization, relying strictly on donations and volunteers to keep our mission alive. To learn more about our nonprofit status, please go to www.guidestar.org.


Happy Endings: Jodie and Rosie

Jodi, a beautiful young teenager, became a quadriplegic as the result of a car accident when she was just five years old. But little stands in the way of Jodi's determination. That’s why Rosie, her ADAI service dog, who loves paying attention to details, is a great match. Along with many other skills, Rosie can attach her leash to Jodi’s wheelchair. Then the two of them are off...ready to see what life has to offer.